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Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Fri Sep 22 11:22:42 CEST 2006

Daniel Delattre wrote:
> In reply to your question, I have a few possible ideas that I would like to
> toss around. I have no idea if these are feasible in windows.
>> Anyway, I feel I'm willing to extend the installer a bit:
>> - allow more variables
>> - allow pre and post commands
>> Any ideas what it still lacks?
> The way windows installs software through Group Policy is usually done with
> an asynchronous policy refresh that sets a flag to install software in
> synchronous mode at next reboot. The user then has to wait until all
> software is installed.
> I have not yet tested wpkg enough to see what all works; however the service
> at startup invokes the jscript, which in turn starts installing software.
> The user can still logon and keep working, which I think in one way is a
> good thing. However a lot of times a cscript windows pops up, or an
> installer window pops up, etc. What happens if the user clicks on a program
> that is being upgraded?
> Is there a way to prevent the user from login on during the installation
> process? Is there a way to "stage" the install process, so it happens during
> the night for instance?

This is not only a matter of whether the user is logged in or not.

Yes, deploying software under Windows can be painful. Not to blame 
Windows :) - we can just say that some of installers are broken.

One example is Macromedia Dreamweaver; after the (silent) setup is 
complete, it opens an Internet Explorer window with some release 
informations. It happens even if no user actually logged in.

So what we actually get, is a login window, when one can type 
credentials, and Internet Explorer window. And that Internet Explorer 
windows runs with SYSTEM privileges...

Another example is MicroTOOL in-Step - after it installs silently, it 
starts the program.

A solution is to execute "taskkill" right after, or several seconds 
after the program has been installed, to kill unneeded apps (whether 
it's Internet Explorer as with Macromedia, or some other apps, which 
start themself).

Some installers show a progress Window, with a "Cancel" button, which a 
user can click.

I believe a solution would be to block keyboard and mouse before the 
installer starts, and unblock it when the installation is done.
How to do this, remains an open question, and perhaps could be better 
answered on some Windows - specific group.

If anyone knows the answers, we'd be all glad to hear it.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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