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------- Additional Comments From mangoo at mch.one.pl  2007-01-12 21:29 -------
I think what you're talking about is that most variables you normally see when
you start cmd.exe, are not existing for you.

This is how it works, because at that stage, the environment (with variables) is
not initialized.
You can verify it when you start cmd.exe as "execute before" (WPKG installer's
task), with GUI visible, and then, type "set" to see all variables. Then,
compare it to variables displayed by "set", when cmd.exe is started from Menu
start -> Run... -> cmd.exe.

I think there is no easy way to to what you ask for, and therefore, I close this
bug as WONTFIX.

As a substitute to %COMPUTERNAME% variable, you could parse the output of
"hostname" command.

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