[wpkg-users] Package 2 times in local wpkg.xml

Müller Thomas thomas.mueller at socoag.com
Mon Jan 22 12:48:29 CET 2007

hi there
following problem:
i have a package "vlc" with name "VideoLan 0.8.5" in Revision 5. Now i created a new Revision 6 with name "VideoLan 0.8.6a". 
what i've done then:
1. install vlc rev. 5 (wpkg.js /install:vlc)
2. upgrade vlc to rev. 6 (wpkg.js /upgrade:vlc)
3. then i wanted to uninstall rev 6 (wpkg.js /remove:vlc)
output is:
Removing VideoLAN 0.8.5...
Errors occurred while removing VideoLAN 0.8.5.

if i have a look at %WINDIR%\system32\wpkg.xml there are 2 entries for vlc. 1 with name "VideoLan 0.8.5" and 1 with name "VideoLAN 0.8.6a".
Is this a bug or is changing the name wrong?

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