[wpkg-users] Execute Once / Always

Michael J. Kidd wpkg at linuxkidd.com
Mon Jan 22 17:07:07 CET 2007

  From what I've read on the wpkg.org site ( specifically the 
packages.xml page ), it seems that as long as "execute='once'" is not 
declared, and there are not any <checks... /> then the package will be 
executed every time.

But, on another page on the wpkg.org site, it says to use 
"execute='always'" to accomplish this outcome.

My personal experience goes along with the first exmple ( no 'once' and 
no 'checks' ).  What is the way wpkg.js is "supposed" to handle this?

Asking for the good of the group, and further wpkg_web tweak'n..


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