[wpkg-users] Clarification on Package depends

Jeff thejeff at cashplus.dhs.org
Thu Jan 25 10:49:20 CET 2007

I'm seeking some additional clarification on the operation of the 'depends'
in the package xml files..

I'm aware of the recently created bug #54 regarding the package dependancies
not being resolved during a /install..

So, using the same xml files format as in that bug:
?<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<package id="a" name="a" revision="4" reboot="false" priority="10">
<check ..." />
<depends package-id="b"/>
<check ..." />
<install cmd='...' />
<remove cmd='...' />
<package id="b" name="b" revision="4" reboot="false" priority="10">
<check ..." />
<install cmd='...' />
<remove cmd='...' />

It would seen reasonable to expect (especially using the /syncronize'
option), that one would include package "a" in the profile, which would add
package "b" and ensure that package "b" is installed before installing
package "a".  Is this correct ???

One could also argue that both packages "a" and "b" need to be included in
the profile, but "a" would only be installed if "b" is installed.. maybe ??

I would like to be able to control the order that certain packages are
installed, and ensure that they do get installed in a specific order..  The
'priority' option has been some help, however there are times when one
package cannot complete its installation, and wpkg continue to try and
install the next package, which does proceed..

Additionally, is there any way to (as an example) get wpkg to force a reboot
at the end if there were any packages that did NOT successfully install.??
It appears that if some packages do not install, then wpkg ends up leaving
them until the next reboot when it tries again..


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