[wpkg-users] permissions problem after settings update

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Tue Jan 30 18:23:45 CET 2007

I installed the WPKG client 0.9.10 on a few workstations using the WPKG-installer. 
Then I was able to run the WPKG Parameters program to configure it without any 
problem.  Later, I wanted to revise the settings for all of the workstations so I 
created a package like this:

<package id="WPKGsettings" name="WPKG settings update"
revision="1" reboot="false" execute="once">
<install cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\WPKG\wpkginst.exe" 
--SETTINGSFILE=\\tesla\wpkg\client\settings.xml' />
<upgrade cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\WPKG\wpkginst.exe" 
--SETTINGSFILE=\\tesla\wpkg\client\settings.xml' />

After, the directory %PROGRAMFILES%\WPKG loses its security settings so no one (not 
even administrator or SYSTEM) can access it.  Luckily, the administrator can add back 
permissions to fix it again.  Is this a problem with the installer or the way I am 
trying to use it?

P.S.  I think this is only happening on XP machines and not on 2000 machines, but I 
have to study it a bit more to confirm that.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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