[wpkg-users] Change of method of running wpkg

Michael J. Kidd wpkg at linuxkidd.com
Thu Jan 18 18:56:59 CET 2007

Marco Gaiarin wrote:
> 1) it is right that uninstall have to be done with the information in
>  %SYSTEMDIR%/wpkg.xml, because we have to uninstall the current
>  software, not the newer version. ;)
I think you mis-understood my initial complaint...

Lets say I install Firefox.  At the time of installation, I believe that
the Uninstall command is

%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla\Firefox\uninstall.exe -ms
(Totally made up, don't use this command)

Ok, so time goes on, and I need to uninstall Firefox from a few systems
for whatever reason.. ( not upgrade ) and during the uninstall, I figure
out that it should be -msa on the uninstall vice -ms.  I update it on my
server's packages.xml.  This doesn't help me though, because Wpkg still
uses the commands that are in the local wpkg.xml file.  So, I get stuck
finding some other solution to remove this software.. ( And most people
would probably at that point just go do it manually.. )


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