[wpkg-users] WPKG_Web site re-done, and Live Archive online

Michael J. Kidd wpkg at linuxkidd.com
Tue Jan 23 16:28:19 CET 2007

Hello Dale..
This is the second request I've had for a web import feature for 
existing XML files... I think I'll put some time toward that in the near 

As far as editing the commands, you can! :)  Simply click on the 
'Timeout: ' after the command you want to edit.  In the new updates I've 
made ( only in SVN at the moment ), there is an actual 'E' button to the 
left to make it more easier to find.  You're not the first one that's 
not noticed the edit capability.

All XML export... This would be a little trickier... The easiest way to 
implement something similar to this would be to have them come across as 
all three in one Zip file ( or tarball ).  For most instances, you can 
use the get_xml (bash) script in the 'scripts' directory that's packages 
with wpkg_web.  It downloads and uses xmllint to verify validity of the 
XML before it puts them in place.

Lemme know if you have a better idea on the XML export part..
> Hi Michael,
> After many days hard labor I had a successful day using wpkg installing
> about a dozen software packages on 6 new laptops with xml files generated
> with wpkg_web.  Uffda!  Wpkg_web was pivotal in the organization of my
> packages and tweaking of the many options available.  Great job!  I like the
> idea of "Live Archive", along with it you should make "xml's" available for
> import via the web interface or the "download" section of the packages.
> Also, I needed to edit my install commands constantly to fit my
> requirements, this is due to the fact that I am more versed in bash than in
> dos, in wpkg_web I had to delete the command and then issue a new, I
> couldn't just edit it. I resorted to phpmyadmin for this editing need, but
> it would be nice in the web interface.  One last option on the wish list,
> an "all" xml download button to generate all three xml files at once and
> save them to the desired directory designated in a form some where.  Keep up
> the good work!
> Dale Hartung
> http://scope.dghartung.com

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