[wpkg-users] New Feature Proposal

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Wed Jan 24 08:27:44 CET 2007

Hannes Gruber wrote:
> Ave WPKG developer,
> some time ago I made some changes to the WPKG.js script. Those Changes
> give me the possibility to add more then one Profile to a Host.
> I needed this, for e.g. I had a graphic Profile, a developer Profile and
> a basic Profile. Graphic and developer depend on basic. And then I had
> to setup a host that was graphic and developer PC. Using the:
>       <host name="alCapone" profile-id="graphic" />
> schema I could not get two differnet Porfiles onto one Host.
> Yes, it cold have been possibe If I would have created an extra profile
> for that Host, but I did not like that idea. So what I did, I extended
> the Schema to an alternative:
>       <host name="alCapone">
>           <profile id="graphic"/>
>           <profile id="dev"/>
>       </host>
> The file I send to you works great and it is backwards compatible.

Hi, this is great, I believe this feature was asked by the users from 
time to time.

> Further more I have changed the Check condition part. On my system there
> was a bug, if the file did not exist, the test for
> CheckValFromFileSystem != "UNKNOWN" did not fail, I had to add &&
> CheckValFromFileSystem != "" now it works fine.

Could you explain it in more detail?

It would be best if you attached the changes as a patch to a new bug 
report in our bugzilla (http://bugs.wpkg.org).
Alternatively, send it to me off-list, make sure to change the file type 
to .txt, otherwise it'll probably get rejected, too.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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