[wpkg-users] Problem with depends package-id

Dr. Frank Lee rl201 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 25 02:23:38 CET 2007

> If I'm not wrong, dependencies are resolved when using /synchronize

Rather more than that - dependencies are *only* resolved when using 

Is that what we desire? If gaim (say) relies on GTK2 (say), and I 
/install:gaim, might I not expect GTK2 to be installed as well?

I think the way I'd imagined 'depends' working also included 
"/install:<package>" having the 'dependant' packages installed too. Of 
course, if there is a good reason for "depends" to affect only 
/synchronize, let's hear it!

(In the future I'd like to see wpkg become more like apt in having tags 
like <depends id='foo' condition='versiongreaterorequal' value='3'> to 
indicate that we require 'foo' version >= 3 to be installed. And perhaps 
<conflicts id='bar' condition='versionlessthanorequal' value='2'> to 
prevent installing next to 'bar' with a version <=2. Just an idea. I'm not 
volunteering to provide patches until (a) someone asks me to really nicely 
or (b) I need it! Oh, and maybe we need a 'provides' too - and a 

(To which end, is there any feeling that "versiongreaterorequal" should be 
replaced by "version.ge" and the like? I keep feeling that I'm typing far 
too many characters for ">=" in the XML!)



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