[wpkg-users] wpkg server id, or something like that...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Fri Jan 26 12:09:27 CET 2007

Mandi! Tomasz Chmielewski
  In chel di` si favelave...

> I just setup a DNS entry, so that "branchdc" or "\\branchdc" points to a 
> nearest file server. Then, just use \\branchdc\software\firefox\... etc. 
> paths for all windows networks, and the files are 100% portable.

I'm not speaking about software repositories, but wpkg recipes.

> Here as well - I'm not sure what you mean.

Ok, an example, and a real one.

My main office have a domain (samba) called SANVITO; in SANVITO
there's a file server called TRINITY.
One of the branch office have a domain (again, samba) called PASIAN,
and a server called RADAGAST.

In both offices these box are aliased with FILE, so i access the wpkg
repository (and, of course, not only that) by \\FILE\wpkg\ .

In wpkg repository all recipes (packages/*) are equal, they are simply
'parametrized' with some environment variable so i can simply move all
the stuff from one branch to another.

But if a portable system installed at SANVITO reach the PASIAN domain,
all the wpkg stuff still works, and this could be not the case, because
the upgrade/install phase can be got from both network, leading to
strange or unexpected configuration.
Worster, if in a branch a package misses (clearly, hosts and profiles
are not mirrored, are local info!), that package will be uninstalled at
PASIAN and reinstalled back at SANVITO everytime.

I'm speaking about a system that 'identify' wpkg installation (a
'signature'), so the client and the 'server' can match, an the upgrade
process can stop if does not.

Now i was clear?

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