[wpkg-users] wpkg installer silent option

Michael J. Kidd wpkg at linuxkidd.com
Mon Jan 29 01:49:20 CET 2007

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Michael J. Kidd wrote:
>> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>>>> But I can't see the debug output of wpkg.js just the installer gui of
>>>> the program currently installing?
>>> It depends on the flags you start wpkg.js with.
>>> If you start it with /quiet, it the output will be logged to the 
>>> eventlog.
>>> If you start i with /debug flag, you will see the output in the 
>>> cmd.exe console.
>> Actually, it's been my experience that it shows the Console and any
>> program GUI's that may pop up ONLY if the system is logged in on the
>> console.  During the Delayed Log-on process of WPKG service, no
>> additional info is shown aside from the alternating messages from the
>> WPKG service.
> Yes, it works like that.
> Someone has to log in to see any additional GUI.
>> I'd really like to have the other items shown during the delayed log on.
>> Is this possible some way?  ( I know if you use start-up scripts from
>> AD, any GUI's or consoles generated by the scripts running is shown
>> before user login. )
> Probably it's possible, but I guess there are "more pressing" issues :)
> What would be the point of it, anyway? If you want to see the GUI for 
> debugging purposes, just disable the logon delay.

Even in todays day and age, there are still some apps which refuse to go 
silently into the night.  For those apps, I use AutoIt scripts.  I've 
not had a chance to test yet if AutoIt can still activate the hidden 
windows of the installation routines to send keypresses, but I'm not 
hold'n my breath..

> Yes, AD indeed shows the GUI of programs which are executed as scripts.
> Which is dangerous IMO, as an unprivileged user can possibly click 
> "Cancel" or any other dialogs shown by the installer, or even execute 
> programs as SYSTEM (if I remember well, this is the case with Macromedia 
> Dreamweaver, which after installation executes Internet Explorer showing 
> some readme file).

I agree.. there is some risk to it, but It would at least give another 
level of flexibility for those that understood the concerns..

Completely understand the more pressing issues..  If I were that worried 
about this, I'd log it into bugzilla.. :)


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