[wpkg-users] WPKGInstaller questions...

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue May 8 10:37:50 CEST 2007

Marco Gaiarin schrieb:
> At the start of June i'll teach WPKG to the (great) part of my
> organization, substantially escaping from a 'advanced test scenario' to
> a 'official' WPKG use.
> There's some feedback on how the 'delay logon stall if wpkg service
> does not run' bug?
> Also: seems that the 'with delay logon there's no reboot' have to be
> fixed checking exit values for pre and post scripts (if i've understood
> well). When will be implemented?
> [As you remember, i need this feature for some other reason]

We're working slowly on these issues...
Unfortunately it's hard to live from just writing WPKG code and 
answering wpkg-users list - in other words, it'll take some time, as 
it's being worked on in spare time.

We plan to have these fixed somewhere at the beginning of August.

> Last: the issue on upgrading WPKG Installer with itself could be
> considered completely solved using last installer and ALLUSERS=1?

Not really.

Right now, we used to store WPKG settings in binary form (sort of). This 
means, that whenever we add new features, and settings.xml format 
changes, these binary settings are incompatible.

So if you upgrade, you have to add a config file, and that from the 
newest installer - it's not that pretty IMO.

Only from the version to be released in August, we will start to use 
another way of storing data - so it will be no longer necessary to give 
settings.xml generated by the newest installer. In fact, when we just 
upgrade, and don't want to change any options, we won't have to give any 
settings.xml file (now, it is mandatory).

Tomasz Chmielewski

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