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------- Additional Comments From jens.geile at mzbs.de  2007-05-08 12:49 -------
I dont really see where the real problem is.
The installer has to know what package it is currently installing, no matter 
what flags i started it with, be it /quiet or /debug. With /quiet it writes to 
the eventlog and with /debug it writes the debug output to some remote machine 
for example.
But in all cases it _does know_ what software it is currently installing.
The name of the package could be stored either in the registry or a file on 
the local harddrive. Hardrebooting a machine isnt really an issue either since 
the installer could just wipe the entry in the registry or the local file 
before starting to parse the xml files and install software.

ok, lets draw a timeline of an install process:
1. wpkg installer is started
2. wpkg installer clears the registry entry or the local file that holds the 
information about the package that is currently being installed
3. wpkg.js is called and parses the xml files on the server
4. wpkg.js writes its status to the eventlog or a remote file
5. wpkg.js writes to the registry or a local file what package it is currently 
trying to install
6. wpkg installer is still running and displays logon-message-1 and logon-
message-2. after each loop right before it displays logon-message-1 again it 
checks either the registry entry or the local file for the package name that 
is currently being installed by wpkg.js
7. wpkg.js finishes installation of package1 and starts with package2
8. wpkg.js again writes the name of the package to the registry or a local file
9. wpkg installer updates the package name displayed with the logon-messages
10. ...
11. software installation is finished and wpkg installer wipes the registry 
entry or the local file

Implementation of this should be rather easy and not take too much time. I'd 
write a patch myself if i could but i cant due to lacking skills in this 
area. ;)

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