[wpkg-users] Modifications to wpkg 0.9.10

Tomasz Chmielewski tch at wpkg.org
Sat May 12 11:51:48 CEST 2007

Klein, Roman schrieb:
> Dear all,
> find attached a modificated version of wpkg 0.9.10.
> What have I done:
> Modifications:
> - moved it from .js to .wsf type, adding XML-Tags so that windows script 
> host can create Usage message based on those tags.

I don't think moving from .js to .wsf is a good idea, for at least two 

1. Some people have wpkg.js hardcoded somewhere in their 
starup/.bat/whatever scripts, and an upgrade to .wsf can be problematic

2. Most of all - I don't find editing help here (in XML) is particularly 
easy - because of formatting. In my case, running /help was a bit messy 
on my screen

Good that you removed the "commented out help" from the beginning - it 
was not really needed twice (once commented, once as /help).

> - streamlined parameter handling by using WScript.Named.Exists() function
> - removed duplicate code blocks in installPackage, upgradePackage & 
> removePackage by creating new function calls
> - created additional functions to, in my opinion, increase readability

The /debug output is somehow more informative.

> New Functionality:
> - I added functionality to process the <supercedes> tags which are 
> introduced in the web-interface.

There are lots of commented out entries, like:

//  msg+="---adding install nodes: "+installNodes.length+"\n";

Is it still needed?

I didn't see a single comment in new functions: 
handleSupercededPackages, tryInstall etc.
Generally, comments are a good way to understand new code faster.

In all very nice.

It would be better if you made the changes against WPKG 0.9.11-test1 - 
too bad http://wpkg.linuxkidd.com/ is down now :(

Tomasz Chmielewski

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