[wpkg-users] [wpkg] VLC uninstall problems

Jens Geile jens.geile at mzbs.de
Tue May 15 15:58:41 CEST 2007

> Hmm, I thought every command has to return some exit code.
That's what i thought too...

> So what happens if you run VLC uninstall from cmd.exe, and do "echo 
> %errorlevel%" - nothing there at all?
I did a "set errorlevel=23" prior to executing the uninstall command. After uninstall finished i did a "echo %errorlevel%" and it still was on 23. :/

> Are you sure that every uninstall program is not running anymore, no 
> other process is running?
I'm testing with VLC only atm. So there are no other installers or uninstallers running at that time. And even VLC uninstall isnt running anymore.


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