[wpkg-users] wpkg is not working

Thomas Rauscher rauscher.t at straubinger-tagblatt.de
Mon Sep 10 16:54:25 CEST 2007

hello everybody,

I have some problems with establishing WPKG in our network.

I took the steps described in the manual. Everything seems to fit the 
needed conditions .

If I boot a workstation the "WPKG software deployment" window appears. 
After the 3 minute timeout the usual logon-screen appears.
If I now take a look at the "C:\windows\system32\wpkg.xml" nothing has 

Using "start => run 'cmd'" with 'cscript \\server\WPKG\wpkg.js 
/synchronize' shows a cmd-window, but I can't read the content, because 
it disappears immediatley after displaying the text.

Could you give me some tips, where I could search the fault?

kind regards

Thomas Rauscher

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