[wpkg-users] How can I install OpenSSH on windows and configure using WPKG.

Magnus Mølbach magnus at sesam-media.no
Thu Sep 27 19:40:42 CEST 2007

Has anyone ever done this?

The combination openssh and vnc is the best I guess.
You have to edit allowtcpforwarding in the sshd_config file as well.

I have used all day to try to make this installer  for openssh.

By now everything works if I run the wpkg-start.bat script.
If I use the schtasks. it doesnt work.

Same with the wpkg-client.

It does not work at all.
I am running WPKG 0.9.10

By now I don't really care for the wpkg-client.

I just want it to run.

since this is going to run on laptops I made a small hack to verify that 
the laptops connect to the right server.

set WPKGROOT=\\\wpkg
set SOFTWARE=%WPKGROOT%\software

ping -n 1 | find  "TTL=" >nul

if errorlevel 1 (   
echo dont
echo %date% %time% > c:\log.txt
ipconfig >> c:\log.txt

) ELSE (
arp -a | find  "00-16-3e-37-cd-91" >nul
if errorlevel 0 (
echo YEAH!
cscript %WPKGROOT%\wpkg.js /synchronize /quiet /nonotify
) ELSE (
echo arpnomatch
arp -a > c:\log.txt

This script runs perfect everytime but not when I put it in a script.

How Can I run ths script when a laptop boots?

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