[wpkg-users] wpkg-client - multiple issue's

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Thu Sep 6 20:00:16 CEST 2007

Jan Luehr schrieb:

> - On two computers the client crashes (event log: script exit, return 
> value -1)

What OS?
Can you do:

net stop "WPKG service"

and then, clear the event log, and:

net start "WPKG service"

and paste here what was appended?

> - On two computers I was able to install a .msi for adobe reader (created with 
> wininstall LE by myself).
> - On four computers the reader-msi-file fails by freezing the client. After 
> killing Microsoft-Installer, the client continious.

Don't create your own MSI files, unless really necessary and unless you 
really know how to do it.
For Acrobat Reader, there is an original silent installer or MSI - check 
WPKG wiki.

> - On one computer I'ven't enabled the client's debug GUI. I didn't notice, 
> that the client was working, until a found a cscript-process at the 
> task-manager.

Perhaps it was doing something?

> - On seven computers I enabled the debug-GUI. By that I noticed that 
> wpkg-client started after logging in. On six computers the client begun 
> installing my software (.msi with /passive). In any case the .msi-dialogs 
> were not rendered correctly: A blurred, modal crashed looking dialog appeared 
> in the front. A user watching this, will certainly assume that the 
> workstation crashed and call support.

Debug-GUI mode is for debugging only; don't enable it for casual users.

You're talking about windows not fully shown etc.? It has something to 
do with permissions; did you login as an Administrator or a 
non-privileged user?

> Problems I encountered so far:
> - wpkg-client has to be started as administrator - if started by "system" it 
> logs an unexpected network error.

You have to specify valid network credentials of course.

> - wpkg-client seems to be unable to connect to a share anonymously. Instead of 
> connecting without username/password, it seems that wpkg-client uses 
> computername$ (as used for machine trust-accounts) as login name.

Last time I checked, it was trying to login using guest account when no 
credentials were specified... I have to double check that.

> - wpkg needs it's own username/password to connect to a share. 

True, as any other network access.

> In a domain 
> environment, where deployment information is located on the pdc this fails( 
> unexpected network error - theory: Windows XP might have trouble to run 
> different connections with diffrent logins to one server).

Not really - just specify valid credentials to access that share.

> It'd be really nice 
> if wpkg would be able to use the credentials of the current user - if 
> available.

Huh? It's a service, there is no "current user" here.
You specify the credentials during its initial setup, that's it.

> - I wasn't able to get helpful log-entries and the windows event-Log is far 
> form being verbose / helpful.Does wpkg-client provide some log / debug 
> facility? (Verbose Logging to a file?)

It logs to the Event Log.
But so far as I can tell, you just gave it invalid credentials, or you 
specified not enough info here.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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