[wpkg-users] Windows XP x64 Edition - Logon Message

Stephan Roesgen stephan.roesgen at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 4 12:55:22 CEST 2008


i´ve got a problem with the message window, which should be show up
when WPKG is installing applications und applying settings. Therefore
i´ve installed the WPKG-Client (WPKG Client 1.3.5_64.msi) on the
Client (Windows XP64 Professional with SP2). After that i configured
the Client by starting (wpkginst.exe) and make the idividual changes
of our environment. In fact WPKG seems to work correctly, installs
applications and so on, but that happens always in the background,
because the logon message isn´t be shown.
Hopefully someone has a hint for me, to get the message window popup,
when the system gets restarted and the windows login dialogue appears.

Settings i´ve already tried without success:
- installed WPKG-Client 1.3.4_64.msi
- set Logon delay to various values
- deleted the WPKG-parameters /nonotify /quiet
- activated show WPKG user interface

best regards

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