[wpkg-users] WPKG client 1.2.1 oddities..

Manny manny at cse.concordia.ca
Wed Aug 6 16:50:16 CEST 2008


- Windows Vista Ent. SP1 client running WPKG 1.2.1 client and trying to 
synchronize with server side.


We have 2 WPKG servers, 1 for testing and one in productions.  We have 
read only users for the client to call home and synchronize with.  On 
the test server that uses the exact same server side version it works 
flawlessly but when I reconfigure my client to connect to the production 
server it goes through the standard 'start process steps, script 
context, network resource etc' all successful but then it stops there.

I tried this morning executing it from the command line:

*cscript \\server\wpkg\wpkg.js /synchronize /quiet*

It worked!  Something tells me that the communication between WPKG 
client and cscript is broken but I'm not sure because I am not getting 
any errors in event viewer or when I use PROCMON.  I checked the file 
association for .js extensions and it was associated correctly so I am 
confused by what is going on.  Why this doesn't happen with our test 
server is beyond me.

Anyone else ever see this kind of behavior?


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