[wpkg-users] "Your system is in need of an update...

Daniel Herr daniel.herr at drei.at
Thu Aug 21 13:50:57 CEST 2008

Hey all!

First of all I never used an online-mailing-list before, so I hope I'm doing
anything right. This is the 2nd time I write this e-mail and I think I've
got to get a new mail provider, since I send the old one to an non existing
address and couldn't find it neither in my send objects nor in my sending
folders, as it seems it has been deleted...

Anyway I'm working for a local company this summer, for a month, and they
set me to deploy WPKG for them.
I successfully managed to write all packages and I'm not in the middle of
the task to make them work with WPKG_WEB.

Since this was the first time I ever used MySQL I followed each steps of
this tutorial: http://www.expertsrt.com/tutorials/Matt/install-apache.html.
I successfully setup up both, the apache and the MySQL Server. Experienced
some minor problems during it, eg. couldn't connect, but got them all fixed.

Unfortunately now I've run across an error I don't know what to do with.
When connected to localhost:8080/index.php

"Your system is in need of an update... Cannot select pack_id,count(pack_id)
as cnt from pack_checks group by pack_id --- Table 'ibdata1.pack_checks'
doesn't exist"

MySQL and Apache are up and running, I can even connect and display the
phpinfo.php page.

Help would be greatly appreciated,
Daniel Herr!
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