[wpkg-users] login stalls

Brian May brian at vpac.org
Thu Aug 28 02:38:20 CEST 2008


Not convinced this is entirely wpkg's fault, but wpkg is what the users 
will see as broken.

Real Symptoms:

* Wpkg will will force the user to wait for the full delay before 
logging in.
* Wpkg doesn't appear to do anything.
* Cannot log into the domain, windows says domain controller not available.
* Trying to access the samba server on the wins computer from the dud 
computer resulted in Windows Explorer hanging and committing suicide.
* Accessing other samba servers works fine.
* Tests on other computers indicate there is nothing wrong with the 
domain controller, the wins server or anything else I could think of 
* Only happens on a few random computers at random times, making it 
difficult to reproduce. Computers that were bad will get better for
no apparent reason and vice versa.
* Rebooting does not help.

I guess I really need a packet dump and/or debugging information on the 
Samba server, but being able to reproduce the problem on a computer that
isn't in use might be difficult.

An initial theory I had is that wins lookups are broken for some reason, 
and the wpkg offline check uses DNS lookups instead. This doesn't 
entirely match the symptoms I described above though.

So the questions I have are:'

1. Why is Windows having network issues when nothing appears to be wrong 
with the network?

2. Wpkg appears to be aborting prematurely, possibly as a result of the 
above problem, is it possible to stop the log in delay if this happens?


Brian May

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