[wpkg-users] WPKG client 1.2.1 oddities..

Manny manny at cse.concordia.ca
Wed Aug 6 17:15:32 CEST 2008

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Manny schrieb:
>> Context:
>> - Windows Vista Ent. SP1 client running WPKG 1.2.1 client and trying 
>> to synchronize with server side.
> Can you try WPKG Client 1.3.5? It's in the "testing" link on the 
> download page.
> It is confirmed that it works with Vista (although earlier versions 
> should in theory work as well).
I'll try the new beta client but the 1.2.1 works on my test server so 
it's strange.

>> Summary:
>> We have 2 WPKG servers, 1 for testing and one in productions.  We 
>> have read only users for the client to call home and synchronize 
>> with.  On the test server that uses the exact same server side 
>> version it works flawlessly but when I reconfigure my client to 
>> connect to the production server it goes through the standard 'start 
>> process steps, script context, network resource etc' all successful 
>> but then it stops there.
> Probably you just made a typo/error somewhere? Are you connecting to a 
> wrong share?
I tested my XML config by copying and pasting it in to the command line 
so I don't think this is an issue, and the share is correct as well.  
ODD!  :)

Thanks for the help..


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