[wpkg-users] Error when writing to event log

Joe joe at freakyacres.com
Mon Aug 18 19:18:53 CEST 2008

Rainer Meier wrote:
> I do NOT recomment removing the /quiet flag unless you are not 
> interested in the event log entries at all. Usually if /debug is not 
> enabled WPKG will just print something to event log in case of package 
> changes (updates, new packages, delete packages, execute=always 
> packages) which should be only a few (or none at all) entries per run. 
> In worst case WPKG still completes correctly by just failing over to 

I really can't see why I'd want the event log if I'm using
the log file.  I can manage the log files much easier than
the event log.  With the event log I have to make sure
the event log on each computer is cleaned out occasionally
and hopefully before there is a problem.  The log files
are zero maintenance.  I know there is no _correct_ way to
do it and we are advised to do whatever works best for us.
Right now I am logging only errors to a central location
and am very happy with it.

Thank you both for explaining /quiet so well!


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