[wpkg-users] [Bug 32] Server(s)/drive letter enhancement

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--- Comment #8 from Paul Tietjens <paul.tietjens at moriarty.k12.nm.us>  2008-01-02 18:29:07 ---
We did originally try to set up WPKG under such a 'wrapper', and it failed to
meet our needs.   Running the script securely was a primary concern (Executed
from a user's log in it is a horribly bad practice to include network passwords
right there in plain text).  We tried to use several "runas" solutions from
login script, and met with many problems regarding environment variables being
lost and the wpkg.js constantly erroring with "no such path" because of the
failure to map.  

If no one else anywhere has the need to point WPKG to a share and map the
drive, we'll just continue to hack it into the script as needed, or seek a more
complete solution.

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