[wpkg-users] Little problem

Jens Geile jens.geile at mzbs.de
Tue Jan 15 14:02:59 CET 2008


I've run (again) into a little problem which is actually a major problem.

I've installed 28 packages on a machine in one go, no problem so far. Then I removed all those packages from the profile again and after a reboot WPKG tried to uninstall all the installed software, no problem so far.
But one of the packages seems to have initiated an immediate reboot and WPKG didn't have a chance to write the local XML file. After this reboot WPKG is trying to reinstall all packages for some reason before it again tries to uninstall all of them. Then the immediate reboot from one of the packages is triggered and WPKG has no chance to write the local XML file again. And the fun begins again... There's no way to escape this circle of death.

Here's a little part of the log:

2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Finding version of C:\Programme\Notepad++\notepad++.exe|
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Obtained version "".
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Leaving getFileVersion with version
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Checking file version is versionequalto (than) - got result 0
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Checking version of 'C:\Programme\Notepad++\notepad++.exe' : Is = ? true
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Result of logical 'AND' check is true
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Restoring previous environment.
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Uninstall entry for Nvu 1.0 missing: test failed
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Result of logical 'AND' check is false
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Package 'Nvu HTML Editor' (nvuhtml): Installed but checks failed. Re-Installing.
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Reading variables from host Test-Rechner4
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Install type: install
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Fetched 1 install command(s).
2008-01-15 13:47:05, DEBUG  : Executing command : "%SOFTWARE%\nvu\nvu-1.0.exe" /verysilent /sp- /norestart
2008-01-15 13:47:11, DEBUG  : Command in installation of Nvu HTML Editor returned exit code [0]. Success.
2008-01-15 13:47:15, DEBUG  : Uninstall entry for Nvu 1.0 was found: test successful
2008-01-15 13:47:15, DEBUG  : Result of logical 'AND' check is true
2008-01-15 13:47:15, DEBUG  : Restoring previous environment.

Is there any switch I missed that would fix this? Or is it actually a bug? Wouldn't it be better if WPKG updates the local XML after every processed package?


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