[wpkg-users] Assistance with wpkg settings tool

W. Chris Shank shankwc at acetechgroup.com
Tue Jan 15 18:17:24 CET 2008

Hello - we are nearly done the WPKG and Open Audit integration I  
posted about a little while back. We are working on being able to  
create the settings.xml file from a web form. I'm having trouble  
deciphering the password hash encoding / decoding. we tried a straight  
base64 encoding but the string comes out differently than using the  
same password from the Windows config tool.

Help is appreciated because once this is done we are ready to release  
it. Here is the posting I made to the Open Audit forum earlier today:


Software Management Enchancement

I wanted to say that OA is awesome and we love it, thank you for it.  
In fact, we like it so much that we are just finishing up a project to  
extend the web interface by integrating WPKG xml creation to it. If  
you don't know what WPKG is - please go to http://www.wpkg.org to find  
out before reading on. We have the ability to create WPKG pkgs and  
save them as XML. This was actually a pretty difficult task since the  
XML can be very complicated and we needed to allow for all  
possibilities. So that part is done and we are now working on  
integrating it with OA better. We are planning to use the software  
register section since this seems the be the best place to manage  
software from. So, in addition to being able to register your licenses  
- this section will allow you to effectively register your software  
for management. The registering for management part would take you to  
WPKG package builder where you would enter all the parameters for the  
software and it will then create the package.xml for that software and  
write it to your server. We still need to work on the part where we  
connect the software to a host (PC) so that it will get installed, but  
we are expecting that to be pretty simple and may have it done in a  
few days.

So anyway, the end result of all this is that you should be able to  
use Open Audit to not only inventory your PCs, but also have it add  
and remove software from them automagically. So the questions I have  
are - A) is anyone interested in this? B) Since it bridges 2 open  
source projects - if it's to be combined into an OSS project, which  
one - or should it be forked into it's derivative that tracks each  
project separately?

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