[wpkg-users] [a bit OT] (Local) Group Policy and WPKG...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Mon Jan 28 14:48:52 CET 2008

Sorry for this email that are really a bit OT but i hope not so much to
create harm. ;)

I was working on settings this entry:


to prevent certificates enrollment error with my samba 3 domain (that
does not support it).
After some google and some manual registry editing, i've found that if
i edit/add the key


nothing changed, i still need to use local policy editor to apply

After some amount of googling, and after reading:


i've found:


so seems that i can set local GPO (LGPO) on one machine, and simply
copy them around, an easy task with WPKG.

This could be a far better way of handling some windows setting that
use NT4-policy that are largely unsupported, expecially on system-side,
and suffer of 'tattoo effect'.

Clearly for the 'user' side is a 'all or nothing' approach, but for
some things acceptable.

But reading further i've found a tool called 'secedit.exe':


and here my windows knowledge stop me.

Really i don't understood if i can define administrative templates for
LGPO, if i can create a different LGPO apart the 'default one', if
there's an easy/textual way to 'dump' LGPO, edit by hand and apply to a
set of boxes via WPKG, ...

Someone have played a bit with these stuffs and have some
knowledge/links to share?


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