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wpkg at thiessen.org wpkg at thiessen.org
Mon Jan 28 17:10:39 CET 2008

Dear list,

being new to wpkg puts me into the position to be in need of
information, most likely questions that have been asked and answered
several times already.

I've got it running after about a week now (just a test scenario with
~50 PCs) but I, and many others aswell I'd guess, found it hard to
search the mailinglist-archives compared to a well categorized

One big point against a (seperate) forum is that information would be
split, which should be avoided if possible, this is what keeps me from
just sitting down and start working on one.

I'd like to see your guys opinions on this, maybe other points for or
against it, solutions etc.. It is by all means not my intention to
create anything the majority wouldn't like or use anyway, so please
let me know what you think about it.

Kind Regards,
Florian T.

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