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--- Comment #29 from Rainer Meier <skybeam at users.sourceforge.net>  2008-01-12 20:16:34 ---
Well I just clarified my position. But I don't like to just close it in order
to offend people who like to have such a modification. Unfortunately this
change is very bad to include as a patch to wpkg.js within the distribution
package. Logging lines (especially debug logging) is subject to change very
frequently. Therefore a patch might be outdated very quickly.

Additionally already for a patch the problems I described will pop up. We would
have to include a patch for every "flavor" of logging (i.e. everybody likes to
see some other lines within the log). The only possibility to make everybody
happy would be configurability of each log message (enable/disable) but this is
really an overhead. I already thought about it and the only possibility I see
is to give each log message a unique ID where a kind of mapping file defines if
it is printed or not.

Unfortunately such a solution does not please me at all. I don't think such an
overhead is required. Just use error/warning/info levels for operation and
debug level for what it is meant for: DEBUGGING.

I would prefer to keep this ticket open for another week or two to collect
comments. I don't feel comfortable when I read that people are discussing about
a topic for two weeks and then I just state my opinion and we force the
discussion to stop. I want to hear the arguments and then I would like to judge
on pros and cons of each way to do it. My current position should be clear now.
Feel free to convince on the advantages of such a change but please take into
account that I try to focus on ease of use (even configuration-less operation),
minimize sources of errors/misconfiguration and avoiding to include unnecessary
code (i.e. log-rotation which is perfectly done by dedicated 3rd party tools).
So please just focus on the main purpose of WPKG - if you like to have a tool
which can deploy software and on the other hand prepare your every-day coffee
then you're probably looking for SAP (where I am not sure if it can be
customized to deploy software) ;-)

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