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--- Comment #1 from Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo at wpkg.org>  2008-01-13 12:16:38 ---
Would be useful for me as well once or twice in the past.

Do you have any patches? ;)

Technically, it should be easy to implement - just add a "hook" for downgrade
and modify the check for the revision a bit.

While we're at it - I once had a similar problem.

Imagine this: an installation of "tricky_software" (revision="1") which copies
2 GB of data. With more than 20 machines it takes ages to make a new
installation - sometimes more than an hour (careful: default timeout for a
command is 3600 secs).

An upgrade of "tricky_software" (revision="2") doesn't transfer whole 2 GB
again - it just copies changed and new files with robocopy or rsync.

Now, let's say you have multiple classrooms and each classroom has a different
profile. You want to deploy revision="2" only in one classroom/profile.
How to best handle it?

How to best handle it? 

1) you replace "tricky_software" package with "tricky_software_new_version" -
you have to transfer whole 2 GB again (as "tricky_software" gets removed). Bad

2) delete remove commands in "tricky_software", upgrade its revision, then
install "tricky_software_new_version"

Well, surely, there are a couple of possibilities, all of them may sound a bit
bessy though.

Did it actually make sense what I wrote? ;)

In other words: how to deploy a new revision of the package for one chosen
profile only?

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