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--- Comment #9 from Rainer Meier <skybeam at users.sourceforge.net>  2008-01-13 13:53:26 ---
Hi Tomasz,

I fully agree that a time value causes exactly the same problems and would not
be very helpful. Even if you specify a time value for each command (which will
be finally an extension of the command node) it will never be exact and heavily
depend on the machine where it is executed.

About registry based communication:
Personally I think the registry is not the best place for
inter-process-communication (IPC). Registry is a permanent settings storage.
Especially I have some concerns about the maintenance of these registry keys.
If WPKG process is stopped or exits unconditionally it will probably not clean
the values. WPKG client in such case cannot know if these values are still
valid or not. I think using STDOUT perfectly fits the needs of a one-way
communication from WPKG to WPKG client.
I also think there is no direct dependency on other switches. I think about
having a /printstatus switch or similar to enable printing of status messages
to STDOUT in any case (regardless of the /quiet flag).
Due to special formatting of these status messages WPKG client can read them
even if /quiet is not used and there is a huge amount of log printed to STDOUT
as well. /printstatus just makes sure these status is not only printed to the
log file but also to STDOUT.

Of course a message like
"Processing package 4 of 10..."
is possible as well. However what I proposed allows much more detailed user
information (number of total packages, current package, run time of current
package, total run time).

The only thing which cannot be estimated properly is the estimated end date.

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