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--- Comment #4 from Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo at wpkg.org>  2008-01-14 14:03:18 ---
>> In other words: how to deploy a new revision of the package for one chosen
>> profile only?
>... just use a new package, it doesn't cost anything :)

No, it won't work.

If I create a new package it means either:

1. Remove the old package first - have to re-transfer 2GB in order to install a
new package (upgrade would only transfer 100 MB or so)

2. Install a new package over a new package - not very good for maintenance -
if you remove the older package later, it will remove the data of your newer
package. Yes, one could use dependencies etc., but then, it gets more complex.

>Or we could introduce another variable in a profile:
> <package id="..." revision="0.95" />

Then, our code is more complex ;)

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