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--- Comment #12 from Rainer Meier <skybeam at users.sourceforge.net>  2008-01-14 21:01:29 ---
OK, I agree that we should release it because if we continue as we did up to
now we will never get it released.

Unfortunately I already worked on Bug 94 and included a fix for Bug 96 locally.
Bug 96 is a real bug and should be fixed for 1.0 release. Bug 94 is an
enhancement which probably introduces new bugs.

Therefore I propose that I will implement the fix for Bug 96 based on RC6 and
we release it. Then I start to work on 1.1-RC1 which will then include new
features. Starting from then I will not change 1.0-RCx again unless some really
serious bug need to be fixed within.

What do you think about?

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