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Dependency tree removal

OK, as described within Bug 55 we are not going to implement any more change
requests or enhancements to the 1.0 release. So I created a new "Milestone"
release (1.1-M1). From now on I will start to implement changes/enhancement
within this version. Only major bugfixes will still be done in 1.0. This allows
1.0 to be used as a stable release.

So here's the first 1.1 pre-release including recursive dependency removal.

Please note: Also this release has not been tested yet. It has been written
on-the-fly*. I will test it when I am back at home. Probably you can do that
already in the meantime.

* Which really means what I wrote, written in the airplane from Zurich to
Warsaw ;-)


NEW: removePackage now removes all packages which depends on the one to be
     removed as well (recursively). This assures that after poackage uninstall
     no packages are left installed which miss their required dependency.
     Please note that if a package which depends on the one to be removed
     specifies an immediate reboot the reboot takes place right after the
     this package has been removed. In such case the package initially
     requested to be removed will still be there after the reboot.
     To avoid this it is possible that depending packages use the postponed
     reboot functionality. Alternatively you can use the /noreboot switch
     to advice WPKG to ignore each reboot request. Note that in such cases
     some packages will not properly finish their uninstall procedure.
     In case removing of any package from the dependency tree fails WPKG
     will stop uninstalling and print a message. In such case the package
     you requested to remove will still be there because there is at least one
     more package which depends on it. You can advice WPKG to remove the
     requested package in any case by using the /force switch. Warning: In such
     case it might happen that some packages depending on the removed one could
     not be removed and therefore will be left on the system (probably not
     working any more).

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