[wpkg-users] Confused :)

Jochum van der Heide jochum.vanderheide at lifehope.om.org
Wed Jan 16 14:01:05 CET 2008

Hi Simon,

> I find it very difficult to follow discussions on these mailing lists
> and I wonder if
> 1)    Is there a good mail program for this job (I use OE)
> 2)    Is there someone with skills/bandwidth available to host a
> normal forum instead?

I remember vaguely that this has been discussed a long time ago. But 
some people prefer mailing lists.

You may find it helpful to use nabble.com to view a threaded list of 
posts to this mailing list. It makes it look similar to a forum and has 
a good search tool as well.


Unfortunately Nabble won't thread the bugzilla posts because they're not 
email replies.

All the best,


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