[wpkg-users] Strange side effect ++

Chris Wilcox not_rich_yet at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 2 13:06:08 CET 2009

> Hello all,
> in my organisation, I encounter a strange problem on PCs where MS Office 
> 2000 is installed.
> Everytime WPKG starts a MSI installation, it triggers an update of Office.
> There is no problem on PCs without MS Office 2000 or with other versions 
> of MS Office.
> Installing MSI packages by hand do also NOT trigger the problem.
> Has anybody seen this problem? Is it possible to suppress this behaviour?
> Kind regards
> Johannes

Can you please copy your Office package xml file into an e-mail to look at?

Is anything shown in Event Viewer to say what is going on?  WPKG logs most events to here and it may help tell you why this is happening.



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