[wpkg-users] InnoSetup Uninstall

Falko Trojahn nospam_ft at smi-softmark.de
Wed Dec 9 09:50:03 CET 2009

>> I'm testing WPKG, I'm very happy with it but I've a little problem :
>> every InnoSetup doesn't uninstall correctly.
>> With "/VERYSILENT /NORESTART" or only with "/VERYSILENT" I get "exit
>> code=1". After this failed uninstall, only the file "unin000.exe" is
>> present in the application directory (%PROGRAMFILES%\myapp").
>> I thought it was a code to reboot but InnoSetup help says :
>> """
>> Beginning with Inno Setup 4.0.8, the uninstaller will return a
>> non-zero exit code if the user cancels or a fatal error is encountered.
>> """
>> so "1" is indicates uninstall has failed.
>> If I run it manually via command line I get exit code = 0.
>> Any idea ?
> I've build my own InnoSetup .exe file using one of the examples
> shipped with InnoS. The result is the same : if I run the uninstall
> manually it returns 0 as exit codes and if I run it via WPKG it
> returns 1 as exit code.
If your check(s) work(s) correct and the software is really uninstalled
- don't care.

Others even use 'exit code="any"':



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