[wpkg-users] Automated WPKG-Client settings update

Fabrice Flore-Thebault themroc at centsix.org
Thu Dec 17 10:11:53 CET 2009

On Wednesday 16 December 2009 22:39:34 Jason Oster wrote:
> Now I need to deploy it to all workstations; especially the ones where WPKG
> fails. Since I cannot use WPKG directly to do the update, I'd like to find an
> alternative.
> Any ideas how I can either fix the AD script, or a better solution to
> deploying the settings configuration?  We also have OCS-NG installed on
> all workstations, which can deploy packages.  I can use that, in the
> worst-case scenario.

WPKG can be run from a GPO, without using agent; have you tried this ?

As second choice i would give a try to OCS (as long as you have deployed the 
cacert.pem with the OCS agent so that the deployment feature is effective).

Else, use psexec.exe ? But if you have a lot of machines it's a pain.

Fabrice Flore-Thébault

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