[wpkg-users] test packages upgrades

Falko Trojahn nospam_ft at smi-softmark.de
Sun Dec 20 15:08:59 CET 2009


> how can i do to test packages upgrades on only one test machine before
> to propagate the upgrade to all others production machines?

you can

- manually install/reinstall on command line using
   cscript wpkg.js /install:packagename
   cscript wpkg.js /remove:packagename

- use a different wpkg location with your test packages

- use different wpkg base dir (see config.xml)

- use different package names (e.g. java6 is original package,
java6-test-update17 is only for testing), and only merge 'em
  to all-users-package java6 when you are satisfied with it

Best regards,

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