[wpkg-users] Java RE and wpkg

Philipp v. Thunen phil_lists at pvth.de
Thu Apr 22 10:52:52 CEST 2010

Hi all,

at first: I'm very happy with wpkg, it makes my daily work much muc
easier. Thanks a lot for the great work!

One of the packages I deploy via wpkg is the Java Runtime Environment
using the package definition from
because an Java Web Start application named EGVP [1] should be used on
the clients. The author of this application says that it has to be
installed (i. e. started once) with administrative privileges, what I've
done (manually) and all works fine.

A problem occurs when wpkg updates the Java RE (e. g. from 1.6.19 to
1.6.20 this week): If the "normal" user without admin privileges starts
its EGVP application after the update is performed, he/she is asked to
accept the license agreement from Sun/Oracle for the Java RE. If you
click on "Yes" there, an error message says that it needs administrative
rights to save the changes?!

As a quick&dirty workaround, I changed the folder security permissions
for \Program Files\Java\jre6 so that the user group has full access to
it, this solves the problem temporarily, but is not a real solution, I
guess ;-) Furthermore, the next Java RE update via wpkg removes and
re-creates the folder by uninstalling the old and installing the new
Java version, so that my permissions are lost then (thankfully, it
should not be a permanent condition).

So my question is: Has any of you a similar problem or any idea how to
solve this? I could try to set the folder permissions after an update
via wpkg, too, but I don't think that's a good idea.

I hope that any of you has an idea how to deal with this!
Thanks in advance,

[1] http://www.egvp.de/ -> Downloads -> EGVP Client Software

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