[wpkg-users] Notifications don't appear

Bill Prentice Bprentice at campuspartners.com
Thu Apr 15 21:35:51 CEST 2010

That explains it - The messenger service is disabled by default since XP SP2 and all my clients are either XP SP3 or 2003 SP2. I tend to leave Messenger disabled on corporate machines since some stuff (such as certain APC devices) shotgun alerts to everywhere rather than just to specified destinations.

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Hi Bill,

On 15.04.2010 17:11, Bill Prentice wrote:
> I've found with no clients that I've installed does the client get the
> user notification window such as when a package is about to install. Is
> there something that I misconfigured or that I didn't set right to begin
> with?

The notifications sent by wpkg.js are sent using "net send" or "msg" command
(depending on OS). To disable this use the /nonotify switch or set the
"nonotify" parameter to "true" in config.xml.

Maybe your WPKG client installations suppress the notifications using the
/nonotify command.

Note: For this to work Windows needs to run the "Messenger" service (except on
Vista/7 where msg.exe is used instead of "net send").


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