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Pendl Stefan stefan.pendl at haidlmair.at
Wed Apr 28 15:22:44 CEST 2010

> Am 28.04.2010 10:02, Christian Becker wrote:
> > Hi There,
> >
> > is there any way to check if an Application is installed or not?
> > Would like to see the rollout status - sometimes an error
> occurred and I only see this, when the users call me - and
> that's to late!
> You can copy wpkg.xml to some central server, i.e. as %HOSTNAME%.xml
> (and perhaps, wpkg logs, too) - i.e. as one of WPKG tasks.


I am using "wpkgCreateReport" available at http://www.gig-mbh.de/edv/software/wpkgtools/wpkg-create-report-english.htm

This allows to create a HTML or Excel report of your installations.

As a prerequisite you need to copy the installation database from the client to the server.

I am doing this with the following pre- and post-scripts of WPKG-Client:


Pre-Script WPKGclearLog.bat (clear the server-side log backup to better indicate, if wpkg did even finish successfully)

echo %DATE% %TIME% ERROR : WPKG did not finish successfully! >"%SOFTWARE%\AppDeploy\ClientLogs\%COMPUTERNAME%.log"


Post-Script WPKGclientCollect.bat (collect client information to be processed by wpkgCreateReport and custom tools)

set script_name=%~n0

echo %DATE% %TIME% INFO : WPKG successfully finished! >"%SOFTWARE%\AppDeploy\ClientLogs\%COMPUTERNAME%.log"

echo SOFTWARE .... %SOFTWARE% >"%TMP%\%script_name%.log"
echo WPKG_ROOT ... %WPKG_ROOT% >>"%TMP%\%script_name%.log"

if exist "%TMP%\wpkg-%COMPUTERNAME%.log" copy /Y "%TMP%\wpkg-%COMPUTERNAME%.log" "%SOFTWARE%\AppDeploy\ClientLogs\%COMPUTERNAME%.log" >>"%TMP%\%script_name%.log"
if exist "%SystemRoot%\system32\wpkg.xml" copy /Y "%SystemRoot%\system32\wpkg.xml" "%SOFTWARE%\AppDeploy\ClientStatus\%COMPUTERNAME%.xml" >>"%TMP%\%script_name%.log"


This works quite good for me.


There is limited checking included in wpkg.js itself.

To get all the information run "cscript.exe wpkg.js /help" inside a command prompt.


Finally the next, not yet released, wpkgCreateReport version includes displaying of orphaned packages, which is really helpful.
Thanks Frank ;-)


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