[wpkg-users] Breaking package inheritance

Falko Trojahn nospam_ft at smi-softmark.de
Fri Dec 17 15:00:04 CET 2010

Hello Jon,

> Just wondering if there was a way to break the inheritance of packages
> when another package supersedes it.  For instance all of our Profiles
> depend on a "basic" profile which contains Firefox, Adobe Reader,
> Flash and a few housekeeping packages.  However some of our PCs use a
> profile with Adobe Acrobat - it would be nice if a PC getting Acrobat
> doesn't get Adobe Reader.
> I appreciate that I could just not have the profile depend upon the
> basic, but the beauty of WPKG for us is the chaining of profiles, a
> typical PC may get a unique profile, depending on a group profile,
> depending on an organisation profile, depending on a default profile
> depending on a basic profile... 
> Hence, it would be great to be able in the package tag for Acrobat to
> have a tag along the lines of dont-install="reader".
I'm sorry, but this would just break a lot of things in wpkg, and I
think there have been discussions about that on the list some time ago.

Just keep it simple:

- Standard Profile
  * all common things here

- Basic Profile, depends on Standard Profile
  * has Acrobat Reader

- Advanced Profile, depends on Standard Profile
  * has Acrobat

Perhaps there could be more fine grained solutions, but this is one
possible way how to do what you want.

Best regards,

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