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admin lewis adminlewis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 16:56:42 CET 2010

2010/12/20 Mark Nienberg <gmane at tippingmar.com>

> Add the "W" option to install Autocad in SMSS mode.  This prevents it
> forking another process, which is why your command doesn't wait.  Here is an
> example for AutoCad 2010.  This is actually all on one line, but I split it
> into three lines so you can read it easier.
> \\Tesla\updates\Autodesk\Deployments\Acad2010\AdminImage\setup.exe /W /Q /I
> \\Tesla\updates\Autodesk\Deployments\Acad2010\AdminImag\Acad2010_Networked_32bit.ini
> /language en-us
well u can see the /W option in my previous post...
then the problem is:
1) if I miss the context directory the setup.exe give me errors about
missing files
2) if I use start /wait /D"\\context\directory"  it give me invalid
("/Q"|"/Q0"|"/QB") option.

any hint ?

Admin Lewis
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