[wpkg-users] WPKG selectivity based on Windows AD security groups membership

Vasaris krx at takas.lt
Sat Feb 27 14:14:12 CET 2010


    One question more question. For now in Windows AD Software deployment, one can define MSI package deployment, based on computer accounts membership in certain security groups.
    WPKG uses computers lists, packages list and etc. Is it possible to use AD security group membership information in WPKG depoyment scenarios, like in a way for exampe Squid-NT uses groups for proxy permissions model enforcement? It is like, I define package, and tie that package to the security group, which has machine accounts assigned. When the WPKG client or the server-side script executes, it checks the current computer name and its membership on the security groups, defined on the packages. If there is match, package is depoyed. If no - skipped.



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