[wpkg-users] /sendStatus command not working

Peter Gough pmgough at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 08:54:48 CET 2010

Many thanks for the clarification. I've played around again with this today
and it looks like adding '/sendStatus' to the command line options in WPKG
Client and setting the sendStatus value to 'true' in the 'settings.xml' file
on the server gives me information messages together with the regular
message box.

This is on Windows XP SP3 clients using 1.3.6 WPKG Client.

I've tried updating my test clients to 1.3.9 but get an error messsage
relating to the WPKG service. I understand from previous correspondance that
there are known issues with this version on SP3 - hopefully these will be
ironed out at some stage in the future but I'm pretty happy for the time
being with what I've got working.

Many thanks for all of your hard work in providing WPKG; it really is much


On 5 February 2010 17:12, Rainer Meier <r.meier at wpkg.org> wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> On 05.02.2010 01:34, Peter Gough wrote:
> > I just wondered if you couid confirm what your users see on the screen
> > when the workstation is shutting down. I've never been able to get
> > anything to display apart from the alternating status messages despite
> > trying to set this up as you have described.
> >
> > I've got this set in the Client's WPKG parameters:
> >
> > /synchronize /nonotify /quiet
> >
> > I've got the WPKG user interface dialog box unticked and I've set
> > sendStatus value in the config.xml file on my server to 'true'.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> First a few words for better understanding. WPKG is split into a "Server"
> and a
> "Client" Part. The Server-Part is implemented in wpkg.js. Well, actually
> it's
> not a real server but rather a script executed on the client. The Client
> part is
> "WPKG Client" which just executes wpkg.js depending on your settings. WPKG
> Client is optional and you might also invoke wpkg.js using any other
> method.
> However WPKG Client offers a couple of nice features like running wpkg.js
> at
> startup/shutdown or blocking user input during wpkg.js execution.
> Such features need to be implemented on a quite low level in the operating
> system. Currently logon delay only works on Windows prior to Vista. The
> logon
> delay feature allows you to display messages (alternating) to the user.
> It was intended to extend this static message display into a dynamic status
> update shown to the user. However there are a couple of technical
> limitations.
> First of all wpkg.js will have to communicate with WPKG client in order to
> update the status displayed to the user. Remember: wpkg.js executes the job
> and
> WPKG client prevents user input and displays messages.
> Unfortunately IPC technologies are quite limited from WSH/JScript. So for
> the
> moment wpkg.js only supports writing the status updates to STDOUT if
> /sendStatus
> is enabled (or sendStatus within config.xml is switched on).
> Honestly I am not fully sure if WPKG Client already supports reading from
> and showing these messages to the user. Personally I prefer not to block
> users
> and run WPKG silently in the background. Another reason for me is that
> logon/shutdown delay is not something easily achievable by standard API and
> as
> Vista shows it might be even blocked/prevented by the OS. I am using
> /sendStatus
> usually when I run WPKG from a memory-stick to update offline nodes. So I
> can
> see the progress of package installation within the console window.
> So please note that config.xml controls behavior or wpkg.js but sendStatus
> will
> only make wpkg.js to print status information to the console. If this
> information is picked up and displayed to the user depends on the method
> used to
> run wpkg.js (console, client application which picks up the output).
> br,
> Rainer
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