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Wed Feb 17 16:44:20 CET 2010

There is a download tag supported in wpkg, so you could give that a try.

According to the XSD documentation for the download tag:
"Specifies a global download (downloaded regardless of the command to be
executed). NOTE: The download is even executed if your command is not using
it. For example if the remove command is executed usually you don't need to
download the full installer. Therefore it is recommended to add such
downloads as a sub-node of the respective command."

Example download tag:
<download url="http://server/foo.exe" target="C:\tmp\foo.exe" timeout="10"

where timeout is an optional attribute measured in seconds.

 - Brian

On 2/17/10, Steve Romanow <slestak989 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I apologize if this is covered in other discussions.  I had an idea that I
> wanted to discuss.  We are just getting started with wpkg, but it appears to
> be the perfect tool for deploying our companies ssh client (and config) to
> remote team members.  The way I am thinking, I would like to have a web
> service exposing these applications so that is say userA has putty installed
> on his workstation automatically, but he is using a laptop at home on the
> vpn, he could explicitly run the job to install putty.
> Thoughts?
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