[wpkg-users] Solving the infamous Java problem (was Re: WPKG Timeout problem)

luca_manganelli at comune.trento.it luca_manganelli at comune.trento.it
Mon Feb 22 15:35:38 CET 2010

wpkg-users-bounces at lists.wpkg.org scritti il 03/02/2010 16.25.46

> The main problem is the java installer that tries to "call home" (we are
> an environment that connects to internet through proxy), so we use the
> timeout to prevent this proxy problem.

I've tested a new "dirty" trick, but "When the Game Gets Tough, the Tough
Get Game"...

The trick is basically:

 1) create a folder called Java6 under c:\temp
 2) copy the java installer file into that dir
 3) "disable" the LAN network
 4) install java - at the end, the installer detects that network doesn't
exists and skips the infamous "calling home" step
 5) "re-enable" the LAN network

ta-dah ... !

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